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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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New York 65 - SAFETY SKEG IS AVAILABLE ON THIS BOAT. The Roberts safety skeg is designed to take
 the best features from the LONG FIN / SKEG  combination & add a SAFETY FACTOR. 

NEW YORK / VOYAGER 655 Transits the North West Passage. See STUDY PLANS for photos etc.

A little over a year and a half ago, when my old sailing mate Mark Schrader informed me that e'd found the ideal boat for Around the Americas , our planned expedition into the Northwest Passage and beyond, I was very pleased. But in all honesty, when he told me that the boat he'd discovered was a 20-year-old, Bruce Roberts designed steel cutter that'd been cruising in Mexican waters for the last decade, I was considerably less enthused.

Now, after almost three hard months of nearly continuous travel, we're roughly two-thirds of the way along the Northwest Passage, and we've put literally thousands of miles behind us. And as far as our 64-foot yacht, Ocean Watch, is concerned, I can't imagine a better tool for the job at hand. She always had pretty lines, and that's a good sign. The previous owners, a husband-and-wife team of marine biologists who'd used the boat partly as a floating laboratory and also as their liveaboard home, had looked after her well. But her systems, wiring, plumbing, rig, and sails were old and tired. For the trip we had in mind, she'd need a total overhaul. Last fall and winter, under the direction of our first mate, Dave Logan, Ocean Watch was completely transformed in a Seattle boatyard. Dave and I will be writing in depth about her refit in an upcoming print edition of Cruising World. For the time being, let me just say that when I drove out West last May to begin the voyage, I knew she'd undergone a ton of work. But I still couldn't believe my eyes. The last time I'd seen the old girl, as the saying goes, she'd been ridden hard and put away wet. Now she looked like she was ready for anything, and since we were bound for the Arctic Circle, that was a very good thing indeed.

In the months since, we've encountered all sorts of conditions, ranging from flat calms to small gales. Ocean Watch has performed flawlessly across the board. On the trip north from Mexico, our average speed was less than 5 knots, and we were pushing hard. These days, with her new Lugger Marine diesel engine, she makes a steady 7.5 knots under power in a moderate seaway at a very efficient 1500 rpm. Under sail, with her new suit of canvas from Carol Hasse's Port Townsend Sails loft (and a revamped rig, including a new mast track to replace the former in-mast furling mainsail), we've made speeds of nearly 10 knots when close-reaching in 15 knots of wind.

Honestly, it's like we have a brand-new boat.  Luckily, we've yet to sail Ocean Watch in truly heavy air and storm-tossed seas. That day, no doubt, is coming soon. But if what we've seen thus far is any indication, we're more than a little optimistic about how she'll fare. We've got a lot of confidence in our boat, which any sailor knows is a very good thing to have. And considering my first misgivings, that's been a very pleasant surprise.

NEW ! SUPER STUDY BOAT PLANS ... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer within 12 hours of you placing your order.
The study plans have lists of materials & equipment etc & these will be useful in costing out the complete boat. Each STUDY PLAN contains ALL the construction drawings for each material - STEEL, ALUMINUM, FIBERGLASS & WOOD EPOXY as applicable to the particular boat plan - with up to 25 sheets per plan!  Lists of materials - Technical information - Numerous construction drawings are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the study plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT ..

STUDY PLAN NY55 & NY 65 All versions..  99.95 - 110.95  - us$135.95

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Plus you will receive a DETAIL FOLIO showing how to make many of your own boat fittings, lists of materials and equipment are all included plus all technical information, numerous construction drawings and written building instructions are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN SAILBOAT .. Only available at this price if you order off this page ....

COMPLETE PLANS & PATTERNS NEW YORK 65  995 - 1,115 - $1,365


NEW YORK 65 - boat plans - Fiberglass, steel or aluminum.
NOTE: Wood / Epoxy boat plans & patterns also available for this design.

This is a sailboat that can be modified to suit a variety of sailing lifestyles. Both Slimline & regular beam versions are available as boat plans and frame patterns to be built in Steel or Fiberglass. 

The New York 65 is ideal for luxury charter or fast family sailing and offers a variety of accommodation options and many accommodation layouts are possible. Each New York 65 version will vary depending on the building material, draft limitations and any client options and requirements. Construction methods include: Radius chine aluminum, Radius chine steel and any one of the fiberglass methods. There are several different accommodation arrangements available.
L.O.D 65'-0" 19.81 m
L.W.L 60'-8" 18.53 m
BEAM (Slimline) 12'-6" 3.81 m
BEAM (Widebody) 16'-0" 4..88 m
DRAFT Various  

Roberts NEW YORK 65

Hi Buce, Surfing a Bruce Roberts designed "Carol Lee" down some 12-14 occasional 16+ foot / 5 m seas. Winds were sustained 35 knots gusting higher. The Carol Lee is a steel 65 foot long cutter rigged sloop. This video was taken shortly after sunrise just south of Cape Mendocino. The Coast Pilot describes Cape Mendocino as a place of "great climactic change" I concur! Super fun!  Bruce, video of one of your designs  surfing down waves.  That's me on the helm. Andrew

Hi Bruce,
Andrew Bermel, my ex-USCG delivery captain sent u a link to the Carol Lee.  The original name was Melon Eye, so now you know: she actually is the New York 65 on your website. Second owner bought her in Coose Bay, OR sailed her to Ilwaco and put her in the boat yard 3 years ago.
You designed a beautiful, very fast ocean runner: She starts surfing beyond hull-speed and can do a steady 14-17 knots, top speed so-far was 20.5 knots!    I'll send some pics later on,  Best Regards, Hans Duetz



Hi  Bruce,

I’ve attached a few pictures of her sailing, we’ve only owned her about 5 months so haven’t had a chance to get really good pictures. She looks pretty rough and needs a paint job but we are slowly improving her while we cruise. We love her because she was well made and has good bones. Even though she’s 65’ long we find that the both of us can handle her with ease. A great design.  Regards Carley.







The NY 65 features a low profile and will suit those that like their boats to look long and sleek ! A shorter deeper keel is available ... Cutter, Sloop of ketch sail boat plans can be used on this version.


The accommodation plan shown for can be varied to suit the owners personal choice. Note the optional longer shoal keel is shown in this profile view.
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Dear Bruce,   I have constructed a beautiful New York 65 "Melon Eye. I would like to share info with you.   Paul & Melinda West of Ketchikan Alaska.  Hello, I wasn't sure if Paul responded to you letter or not. We have made a lot of progress with the Melon Eye. We put her under Sail last year. The interior is almost done fewer stacks of lumber!  Thanks for the interest. She is really a beautiful boat. Paul has done a wonderful job. Paul & Melinda West.


The accommodation plan shown above features twin double cabins aft - this photo is of one of those cabins - Ideal for charter work. For more interior photos see .. Study boat plans on DOWNLOAD or on USB
. . .


Here we see the large berth as featured in the master cabin ....Photos show a recently launched NY 55  built by Ian and June Thorpe.

As alternative to the two double staterooms aft ... This arrangement easily fits into the NY 65.


Another view of the spacious master cabin in the NY 55 B ... Photos show a recently launched  NY 55  built by Ian and June Thorpe

As alternative to the two double staterooms aft ... This arrangement easily fits into the NY 65.


MelonEye-2.jpg (20624 bytes)

Stern view of Melon Eye - unfortunately the transom steps do not show up in this photo.

This boat is available as a steel of aluminum KIT or Cutting files and boat plans .. see VOYAGER 655


V650_5.jpg (16501 bytes)


This boat is available as a steel of aluminum KIT or Cutting files and boat plans .. see VOYAGER 655




V650_3.jpg (27725 bytes) NEW YORK 65

Note the fairness of this radius chine hull.


Note the great dinette arrangement in this version of the New York 65


Here we see the construction of the hull male mold which consists of frames cut using the full size patterns supplied with the boat plans plus the addition of timber battens, C-flex fiberglass and shows the first layers of fiberglass laminate.
R434CC.jpg (21027 bytes) On the left we see the C-Flex Fiberglass being installed on a hull mold as described above. Similar methods are used to install core material such as Corecell or Airex foam.


On the left we see hull rolled over to the upright position and then the mold is lifted out of the hull shell. The mold is sometimes removed in one piece as shown here or in parts depending on the shape of the hull and the method used to laminate the hull.

NY65-P2.jpg (19861 bytes)

73 FT VERSION - NEW YORK 73 - round bilge aluminum also available.